Why Startups Must Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is all the rage however now it isn’t equivalent as it was earlier. Going mobile is not, at this point an issue of ‘why’ but ‘when’. Desktop sites have begun getting supplanted by Mobile phone applications that drive business esteem just as development.

You need to pick a language and it is a significant choice. There are hundreds of languages out there however only a couple of them equipped with large communities. In the open-source world, communities are significant as large communities are behind each vigorous innovation.

You should consistently choose a programming language based on versatility and simple connectivity with different languages. React Native is the language offering adaptability and execution, both simultaneously.

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework, composed via native components, creates native mobile apps for cross-platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows, adopting JavaScript. Referencing Native here implies that React Native renders application utilizing native components that give a native-like feel to your application. More than that, React Native reduces down the cost of your development and assists developers & Start-ups to fasten the cycle.

Why Should Start-ups Choose React Native?

Cross-platform Support

Since iOS and Android are different platforms, the growth of native applications for these two will be an overwhelming errand. The cross-platform capability is the best part about the React Native framework i.e., a single codebase will be used for both the platforms.

How does this work? The platform will determine the platform on which the application is running and quickly picks up the right file. Subsequently, the React Native applications can be created by occupying a solitary codebase for Android and iOS concurrently.

Better User Experience

The applications of React native are more familiar among business people because of their capacity to convey reliable user experience across numerous mobile platforms. Clients over the world aspire for an error-free experience and need the application to be responsive on any device they work on. Being proficient with its loading speed, react native apps even can promptly acclimate to various device screen configurations. Not just this, they can even withstand and resolve the issue of insecure data streaming.

Finding bugs is easier

As referenced earlier the code stays comparative for the two iOS and Android stages, so you need to update the code once. This makes it simple to discover the errors as you need to focus on a solitary code base as opposed to discovering bugs into two distinct codes. Furthermore, when the bugs are discovered, the code can be fixed once and then updated over various versatile mobile OS for use.

Change Any Web Project into a Mobile Decision Easily

With React Native, a code is reusable. One update is required for two platforms. It improves distinguishing bugs between codebases a great deal. React Native interface is modular & instinctive. It implies that developers who aren’t engaged with a task can quickly learn it and accept it as a premise. A team’s adaptability expands & web application updates are simpler to make. QA engineers, in their turn, spend fewer hours diving into programming logic & composing important test cases. This permits you to spare time for changing a web project into a mobile choice.

No modification for current applications

If an application is now running on any local or cross-platform framework & you are intending to change to React Native, it won’t be a difficult to redesign.


I believe these top reasons give you a completely clear image of what is React Native is all about & why it is more famous in the mobile app development world. In this way, to sum up, it all, if you need to build up an all-time hybrid just as a Native mobile application, that is user-friendly and gives a consistent user experience, you know where to go to.

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Why Should You Hire a React Native Developer?

Visual InfoCraft is a leading React Native Development Company having good amount of technical expertise for developing mobile application for small as well as large firms. Our React Native app developers are experienced in developing Android and iOS apps based on React Native Framework.

Today we would discuss few important reasons to hire a dedicated React Native App developer.

Hire Developer based on your Convenience:

Many firms provide React Native Developer for Hiring on Full Time Hiring, Part Time Hiring, Hourly Based Hiring and based on Contractual Hiring.

Full Time Hiring – Developers worked for 8 hours/day for client as well as 5 days/week, in shore 160 hours a month.

Part Time Hiring – Developers worked for 4 hours/day for client as well as 5 days/week, in shore 80 hours a month.

Hourly Based Hiring – If a client just needs few hours of work or if there is any maintenance level of work within the app then this model is best for it.

Contractual Hiring – Client hires developer for a fixed amount of time and developer would be working for him/her 8 hours/day up to a specified time-limit.

Hire Experience Developer for your ongoing projects:

Once moving forward with a dedicated hiring model then client need to choose/select an experience developer for their app development project. Hiring an experience developer will make the development process very smooth as once a developer writes the code of iOS device then he just needs to compile the same into Android platform or visa versa, thus developer saves client’s both time and money by cut shorting the development cycle and deliver the final product within a short amount of time. Apart from it there are many other points through which an experience developer can save around 50% of efforts without compromising with quality or productivity of an app.

Cost Effective Solution compare to Fixed Cost Model:

Many clients shares project requirements with firms and asked them to provide the timeframe as well as cost for the same, but if the requirement is large enough and if the expected development time is more than 6 months then it’s good to suggest the monthly hiring model to client rather than sharing the fixed cost the for that job as hiring a dedicated developer would be a cost effective solution.

If there is any Change in scope in future then extra cost will be added to the project and need to wait for the confirmation of approval from client whereas in hiring model no problem whatever changes are given from client’s end developer just need to inform the hour it will take extra and continue working on it.

Visual InfoCraft is one of the trusted mobile application development Company in Ahmedabad, India. We offer experience developers for hiring model to boost your business globally, we deliver the best customer service and gives wider options for future developments even after the app is been uploaded to their respective stores.

We build mobile applications with infinite possibilities to empower your business with our mobile app development services.

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