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Importance of converting satisfied client to delighted client

01 Jan 2020 | By | 5 Comments

        Any IT company entrepreneur would keen to know the Secrets for company’s Growth, both financially & strength wise. There will be always a topic of debate for what is most important aspect to work on for running service based industry successfully: Client Satisfaction or Making the client Delighted.  Even though, I agree it’s quite tough to delight each client because every client is not the same, but I highly recommending for making best efforts at least to convert satisfied client in to delighted one, for achieving company’s goal to become best IT services based industry.

Client Satisfaction is no longer good enough to survive in today’s market where competition is so high, hence required for making client delighted anyhow.

What is Client Satisfaction & Delight? :

Satisfaction & Delight might not have vast difference as a meaning of it, But Satisfied Client & Delighted client have.

Client satisfaction is giving the client something they expect and it makes them happy. Client delight is giving the client something they never expected but they value it highly once they have it.”

If I simply take example of one of most known phrase: “cherry on the cake”.  

Serve best quality Cake to any of the customers for making them satisfied customers but to convert them in to delighted, put cherry on the cake.

In IT business also if initially when you have given timeline to complete the project within 6-8 weeks time, if we complete within given time span, will make client happy and satisfied because His baseline expectations were met. 

However, if project complete in 4-5 weeks time, client will be pleased with the effort we made to make him surprised, because he wasn’t expecting the project to be complete this early. And a positive surprise converts in delight.

Reasons to make client delighted:

Delighted clients become loyal customers, while clients who are just satisfied are easily deflected by a better offer from your competitor, hence to hold the client try to give best efforts to make them delighted consistently.

Delight more clients, simply because “Delighted” clients are 10 times more likely to return to buy your services then satisfied one. Satisfied client may hang up happy but brings no surety for coming back again to buy services.

How to make client delighted?

Surprise them:

Periodically, put some extra effort in order to complete the project within time limit which is given earlier or give some discount for a service without telling them. The reduced price will be an incentive to buy again.

Update them:

Update the client on regular basis with the progress on the running projects, quick response make them more delighted.

Don’t give up:

When you don’t have any clue on any issue, pledge to stay on the issue until it’s resolved, but never give up early.

Give Royal Treatment:

Its human tendency which always demand a royal treatment, hence by sending a message to the client to make them feel that they are very important to us & will consistently give you royal treatment, will work well to make them delighted always.


Making a habit to ask for the feedback after completion of project is awesome thing to do, and more important is to work on the feedback & make the improvement, which create very positive impact on the client.

Send Greetings:

Send greetings on birthdays, anniversaries or for any other personal achievement to the client, makes the business relationship much stronger.

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